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Are You Blessed?

Psalm 2:12b (ESV): Blessed are all who take refuge in Him

Does the world around you seem chaotic and out of control?

Well, that’s exactly what seemed to be the situation that the Psalmist found himself in. Nations were raging and plotting one against the other. The kings of the world taking their position against the Lord trying hard to break away from the boundaries or law that the Lord has set for man and his good. Man believed that he knew way more than the One who created him, more than the all-wise sovereign God Almighty Himself. And that kind of thinking can only lead one way – downward.

Man was in rebellion and there was such evil and pain, utter confusion and misery all around. That was the situation the psalmist found himself in thousands of years ago, though it does actually sound like the news from this morning’s newspaper too, right? Yes for sure, nothing much has changed, history is simply repeating itself. Man has not changed in his ways, and so mankind continues to face the same pain, evil and misery.

The words of the psalmist continue to ring true even today, the solution has not changed either. The psalmist says, in this scary situation where evil seems to abound, take refuge. Through all the storms of life and the evil, take refuge in Him. Take refuge in the Lord, the One enthroned in heaven, the Sovereign One.

The Psalmist also reminds us that the Lord is not just a place of refuge but also a place of blessing. He is our blessing in spite of evil and danger. The Lord is our strength.  The Bible says if you and I take refuge in Him, we are blessed.

Watching the changing scenarios around you and the unspeakable evil in the world, are you fearful, angry and questioning? Or have you chosen to find your place of blessing and refuge, in the Lord, trusting His Sovereignty?

Lord through my fears and questions, help me stay blessed in You, I pray.


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