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Prepare for Victorious Christian Living

Victorious Christian Living

Making resolutions at the beginning of the year is common practice.

At the beginning of the year, many of us make resolves and resolutions of various kinds, to bring change with regard to our health, time, finances, or even relationships. All of us have areas that need change and new beginnings, to build and better our lives and lifestyles. And yet, we know from experience that despite the best intentions and effort, these resolutions often barely last past a few weeks, we find ourselves back to square one or even a couple of steps behind, leaving us feeling defeated and frustrated.

However, the truth is, that at the crux of it all is our relationship with God. When we choose to walk with God and seek His grace and strength in all we do, we are slated for victory. When we grow in our walk with God and in disciplines of our faith, other areas of our lives end up getting straightened up, naturally. The best of human intentions and efforts can only get us thus far. While if we choose to seek Him, He brings the needed transformation in us. So as we step into this new year, let us choose to seek Him in prayer, asking Him for the grace and strength we need each day as we journey through life. Let us make it our priority to pray together, for ourselves and for each other.  

Prayer is a choice, to make time and to bring

Our deep concerns, our hearts’ desires

To Him who does reign sovereign over all, and yet,

Whose ear is inclined to our faintest cry

Our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

Prayer can be a sigh, a groan or even a song

Prayer can be silent, sometimes, prayer uses words

Our Lord understands them all and He does long

That we express ourselves to Him from our hearts

Coz He does promise to be there for them all.

So, at the dawn of yet another year,

Let us to Him align our hearts in prayer,

Giving our lives, our wills anew to Him

Our victorious Lord, who does promise

That in Him, more than conquerors are we.

As we step into the new year, we begin a 14-day journey of prayer. Let’s choose to live victoriously in and through Him!

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