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More of You

Matthew 23:11- But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.

Jesus reminds His disciples that His kingdom is different.

A person’s greatness is often associated with the number of people who serve them. Jesus however says, as His disciples, our greatness is determined by how we serve and honor others. In Christ’s economy, true greatness begins with humility. Humility is at the center of the heart of a servant. If we want to be great, we need to be people who serve others, humbly.

John echoed this principle beautifully when he said, Jesus must increase and he must decrease (John 3:30). John had spent a lifetime being prepared for his brief ministry of introducing the Messiah. God had trained him hard in the wilderness, to die to his pride, to love the Bridegroom and not the glamour of being the best man. If we’re going to move from believers to disciples, we must give ourselves away, in humble service to others. We must learn like John, that Jesus, is our reward, not our roles or positions. Jesus and His will and purpose need to become more and more our own aim and purpose. He needs to be increasingly visible in our lives.

If someone is given a more prominent role than you or your role is given to another, how would you respond?

Increase in me, O Lord, I pray.

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