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Why Priortize Time Alone with God

Read: Mark 1:23-45

Mark 1:35 – Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Jesus the Son of God prayed.

After a long and busy day, it is only reasonable to want to sleep in, take it easy, right?

Jesus’ day had been very long and busy. He had healed many, walked long distances. He had every reason to take it easy the next morning. But the Bible tells us that He got up, very early in the morning and went to pray. Very intentional choice.

Jesus prayed not because He was weak. He prayed because He was strong. His time of prayer strengthened His communion with God the Father and nourished His soul. We don’t know what exactly Jesus prayed, but He prayed. He may have prayed for those He had met the previous day, He prayed for those He was to meet the coming day, He prayed for His disciples.

If talking to God was so very important to Jesus, the Son of God, how much more we as humans need to be strengthened and nourished in our souls. And how would you know your God unless you spend time with Him in prayer and His word? Any relationship takes work. If you want to build your relationship with your friend, what would you do? You would spend time together, talk and listen to one another to get to know each other. To deepen your relationship with God is no different. Take time to be with Him, talk to Him in prayer, listen to what He has to say through His word. The Bible reminds that the prayer of the righteous has much power (James 5:16).

“Look no man in the face till thou hast seen the face of God. Speak thou with none till thou hast had speech with the Most High.” (Spurgeon).

Would you ask God to enable you to be still in His presence and nourish your soul, daily?


  1. How much time do you currently spend in prayer and reading God’s Word each day? What benefits have you experienced in your life when you prioritize time with God, and how have these impacted your relationship with Him?
  2. What distractions or obstacles often keep you from spending time alone with God, and how can you overcome them?
  3. Have you ever felt distant from God and struggled to connect with Him through prayer? What steps can you take to rekindle your relationship with Him? Is there a friend you can ask to pray for you, with you?

Scripture Writing: Matthew 6:33

Song: Be Still My Soul

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