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God Heals: On the Jericho Road

Read: Mark 10:32-52

Mark 10:49 – Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.”

“On the Jericho road, there is room for just two, no more and no less, just Jesus and you. “

Having walked long distances, and dealt with many questions and requests, Jesus now passes through Jericho. He was thronged on all sides with large crowds and He sure must have been tired. But as He was leaving the city, he hears the cry of a man called Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus means “son of Timaeus” telling us that this blind beggar did not even have his own name, rather was known just as his father’s son.

Now Bartimaeus, obviously knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime. He seems to have heard about this Jesus, the Son of David, and the people He had healed. Bartimaeus was not about to let this possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass by. And so, he cries out when he heard that Jesus was passing by. Now the crowds were quick to rebuke him, telling him to be quiet. But Bartimaeus was determined. Not fazed by the people, he cried louder – “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

And Jesus stops! He stops in response to the cries of this blind beggar. Now everyone could see that Bartimaeus was blind, he couldn’t see. And yet, Jesus asks him – What do you want me to do for you?” and he replies “Rabbi, I want to see.” Stating the obvious, you think? But that is a great example of our prayer. “Rest assured that those are the best prayers in all respects, if they be earnest and sincere, which go most directly to the point. You know there is a way of praying in the closet, and praying in the family, in which you do not ask for anything. You say a great many good things, introduce much of your own experience, review the doctrines of grace very thoughtfully, but you do not ask for anything in particular. Such prayer is always uninteresting to listen to, and I think it must be rather tedious to those who offer it.” (Spurgeon).

Jesus says to him “Go, your faith has healed you.” The faith of the blind man saved him. Bartimaeus’ faith was specific and determined. He knew exactly who Jesus was, and he came to Him with humility and submission. His faith was clear enough to tell Jesus exactly what he wanted. Bartimaeus then followed Jesus, making His way, his own way. Faith always leads to action. Does your faith lead you to follow Him?

We have a God who cares enough to stop and listen to every heart’s cry. Are we discouraged by people in our lives who may be discouraging us from crying out to Jesus? Do we have the faith that knows who He is and what exactly we want Him to do for us? “On the Jericho road, there is room for just two, no more and no less, just Jesus and you. “


  1. Do I have the determination and faith of Bartimaeus to cry out to Jesus for mercy and healing in my life?
  2. Do I truly believe that God cares enough to stop and listen to every heart’s cry, including mine? If not, what is holding me back from believing this truth?
  3. Does my faith lead me to take action and follow Jesus in my daily life?

Scripture Writing: Psalm 34:17-19

Song: On the Jericho Road

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