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Ever-Present God: Listens When We Call

Read: Luke 1:1-20

Luke 1:19 – “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news.”

Are there times you feel disconnected from God like He is distant, uninterested, or even absent in your life?

The angel Gabriel delivers a message to Zechariah. The Bible tells us that Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth were well advanced in years. Though they must have prayed for a son, they had probably given up on this prayer a long time ago. And when the angel Gabriel stood before him with the amazing promise of a son, it isn’t that Zechariah doesn’t want to believe, it just must have felt like it was too good to be true. He was probably protecting himself from disappointment, not setting his expectations too high, when he reminds the angel of how old he and his wife were. Don’t we rob ourselves of many a miracle with the same attitude?

Gabriel proclaims his identity as one who stands in the presence of God. This declaration reveals a fundamental truth about our Heavenly Father – His immanence, that He is ever-present. God is not a distant deity, but a God who actively engages with His creation and desires an intimate relationship with each of us. God is intimately present and involved in His creation, including the lives of individuals. God was actively involved in Zechariah and Elizabeth’s life, hearing their prayers and answering in His perfect time.

God is near to all who call on Him (Psalm 145:18). When we approach God in prayer, seeking His guidance, comfort, and provision, He draws near to us. His presence with us is a source of great comfort and assurance. When we face challenges or uncertainties, we can take refuge in knowing that He is always with us, strengthening and upholding us (Isaiah 41:10).

God’s presence with us is not temporary or for but a season. He promises to be with us always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20). His presence brings us hope and confidence in every circumstance. God is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives, sustaining us and making Himself accessible to those who earnestly seek Him (Acts 17:27-28).

The realization that God is near empowers us to live with faith and confidence, knowing that He walks alongside us, even in the midst of trials and tribulations. When we grasp the immanence of God, it transforms our perspective and guides us in ministering to others.

Sometimes we pray for something for a long, long time. We pray for the salvation of a spouse or a child. We pray for a calling or a ministry. We pray that God would bring that special person to us. But after years of heartfelt prayer, we give up out of discouragement. When we are in that place, we sometimes begin – in the smallest of ways – to doubt the love and care of God for us. But God always loves, and His care never stops.

May we intentionally cultivate a deeper awareness of His abiding presence through prayer, meditating on His Word, and communion with Him. As we do, we will experience His comfort, guidance, and love, and be empowered to share this truth with those who are seeking hope and meaning in their lives.


  1. Do I sometimes struggle with doubt or the fear of disappointment when praying for something for a long time?
  2. How can I cultivate a deeper awareness of God’s abiding presence in my daily life?
  3. In what ways have I experienced God’s comfort and guidance during challenging times?

Scripture Writing: Psalm 145:18

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