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Unfinished Heart

More of you my Lord and less of me
That, this year is my dearest plea
I want Lord to know You more
To walk with You, Your Word to know

I want Lord, like You more to be
So that all the world may see
That the King and Master of all the universe
Is also my Savior, who lives in me

To be more like you Lord
Kind, loving, gentle, meek
Is not at all possible, I know
If not for You and Your grace alone

So, help me Lord when angry, to forgive
When hurt, mocked and ridiculed, to love
And when I feel overwhelmed, feel I can’t go on
Help me Lord to cling to You, my Rock, my All

So, Lord, this year would You please
Continue to like You, make me?
You took just a week to make the moon and stars
Yet, You are still working on me, an unfinished heart


1 thought on “Unfinished Heart”

  1. Blessed New year Preeti…Such an assurance that He is still working on me…thank you for the encouraging post.loads of love and prayers.Sandhya.

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