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A series of daily devotions that aims at seeing God in all of Scripture, with readings from both the Old and New Testament.

The All Important Question

Who do you see Jesus as – a historical figure, a good teacher, a moral example to follow? This question that has eternal consequences begs an answer today.

#WhoDoYouSayIAm #JesusIsMessiah #EternalDestiny

The Unmatched Power and Might of Our God

Do I trust in God’s sovereignty, power, or do I rely on the idols of my own abilities, worldly solutions?
Our God is all powerful and worthy of all our worship!

#HolinessOfGod #SovereignAuthority #TrustInGod #NoIdolsBeforeHim

The Ultimate Redeemer: Jesus Christ

Do you find yourself in the bondage of past mistakes or regrets? Jesus is our redeemer who has paid the price for our freedom. Would you trust Him today?

#UltimateRedeemer #SacrificialLove #RestorationInChrist

Abundant Forgiveness, Overflowing Love

Guilt and shame can be crippling tools that the evil one uses to keep us from failing to fully embrace God’s forgiveness. Would you choose to come to Him today?

#AbundantForgiveness #OverflowingLove #GodsGrace

God’s Unfailing Forgiveness: Samson’s Story

Have I experienced the consequences of my actions and felt distant from God’s plan for my life?

God forgives and remains faithful even when we are unfaithful.

#ForgivenAndFree #EmbracingGodsPlan #WalkingInPurpose #LivingInGodsFaithfulness

Sovereign God: Calls and Equips

Am I allowing past mistakes, failures, and labels to limit my view of what God can do through me?

God is our sovereign Way Maker, equipping those He calls.

#GodsSovereignty #CalledAndEquipped #RelyOnGod

God’s Tender Mercies: A Path to Victory

Fears, doubts or feelings of insecurities are real. God understands and anchors us with tender mercies, empowering us to live in victory.
#GodsTenderMercies #WalkingInVictory #TrustingHisPromises #FindingCourage