God’s Plan of Redemption: The Need for Atonement

Published on Mar 22, 2023
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Read: Leviticus 11-12

Leviticus 16:16 – In this way, he will make atonement for the Most Holy Place because of the uncleanness and rebellion of the Israelites, whatever their sins have been. He is to do the same for the tent of meeting, which is among them during their uncleanness.

God is holy and takes sin very seriously.

Two of Aaron’s sons died because they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord.

After their death, God gives specific instruction about how Aaron was to enter the Most Holy Place. Aaron was to deal with his own sin first, through specific sacrifices and symbolic clothing and with incense. Then he was to offer sacrifices and incense for the atonement of the sins of the people. God takes sin very seriously. Sin so offends God that sinful people would die in His presence if their sin were not concealed!

Sin is any lack of conformity to the will of God. Sin is an outrage against God and the source of untold harm to us and others. Sin is subject to the eternal wrath of God and has eternal consequences (Romans 6:23). The Bible teaches that all are sinners and that there is no one righteous, not even one (Romans 3:10). God takes sin so seriously that it cannot be in His presence without atonement.

Sin has affected our moral and intellectual capabilities. As a result, we fail to understand the gospel even when it is explained. We flee from God, rather than seek Him. Sin deceives us and blinds us to the truth of the Scriptures. When truth makes us uncomfortable, we often try to redefine the truth to justify our behavior. Trust in the Word of God increases our discomfort with sin and propels us towards God.

Is the sin in your life making you uncomfortable or are you prone to justifying your behavior? Would you take time to survey the wondrous cross and ask the Lord to help you see sin as He does?


  1. In what ways have you experienced the effects of sin in your own life or in the lives of others around you?
  2. How does your understanding of God’s holiness shape the way you view sin and the need for atonement?
  3. What are some ways that you tend to justify your own sinful behavior? How can you overcome these justifications and pursue repentance and obedience to God instead?

Scripture Writing: Romans 3:10

Song: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Bible Verses: Holy/Holiness


Preethi Alice Jacob

Preethi Jacob is the author of the yearlong devotional At the Potter’s Wheel, Day by Day. Her journey includes teaching a Bible Study Fellowship class, teaching and leading the Sunday School ministry in her church, leading Bible studies, besides counselling young women. She serves on the Global Mission Team of the United Bible Societies and lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and two young adult children.

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