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Our Father: A Relationship of Love and Access

For me, is prayer a shopping list or magic formula? Or is it a personal conversation with my loving heavenly Father, to whom I have unlimited access?

#OurFather #UnlimitedAccess #IntimateRelationship #DependenceOnGod #HeavenlyFather

My Lighthouse

When times of pain and loneliness seem to darken your day, choose to fix your eyes on the Lighthouse of your soul!

#HopeInTheDark #FindingStrength #EmbracingHope #FaithOverFear

The All Important Question

Who do you see Jesus as – a historical figure, a good teacher, a moral example to follow? This question that has eternal consequences begs an answer today.

#WhoDoYouSayIAm #JesusIsMessiah #EternalDestiny

Abundant Forgiveness, Overflowing Love

Guilt and shame can be crippling tools that the evil one uses to keep us from failing to fully embrace God’s forgiveness. Would you choose to come to Him today?

#AbundantForgiveness #OverflowingLove #GodsGrace