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Voice Not Noise

Mark 10:48 (NIV) Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

It seemed like just another day, on that dusty road to Jericho.  The rare traveler, and even rarer alms. Nobody really cared about Bartimaeus. He was just another blind beggar. And Bartimaeus was all set to beg his heart away and make the most of every passerby.

All of a sudden, Bartimaeus heard the rising tempo of excited voices. Seemed like there was a large crowd approaching. Aah it looks like this could be a good day, thought Bartimaeus. More people should mean more alms hopefully.

As he listened closely though, Bartimaeus realized it was not just any traveler. It was Jesus of Nazareth passing by!  And there was a huge crowd following Him. It was Jesus, the Healer. In a flash, it all came to him and Bartimaeus did not wait a second further. He knew this was the chance of a lifetime.  He could be healed! He raised his voice and shouted, Son of David have mercy on me. The crowds rebuked him.

The crowds tried hard to keep Bartimaeus quiet. They literally told him to shut up. They were saying, you are not important Bartimaeus, you are just a blind beggar. There are more important people here. Ouch! Those were mean words, sharp and painful. Bartimaeus could have let those words keep him down. But Bartimaeus only raised his voice louder and called out to Jesus. And Jesus stopped!

Jesus heard Bartimaeus amidst all the noise. The crowd thought Bartimaeus should be quiet, but Jesus was interested in Bartimaeus. Jesus was interested in the blind beggar whom nobody wanted. For Jesus Bartimaeus was not just noise, he was a voice. He was a person, who mattered.

Do you have people who are not interested in you? Who don’t think you are important, who rebuke you and don’t have time for you. Remember, to Jesus, you matter. To Jesus you are not noise, you are a welcome voice.

Heavenly Father thank you that you are interested in me and stop to listen to my voice. Help me always remember this I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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