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Washed, Dressed, Anointed

Moses then said to Aaron and his sons, “Cook the meat at the entrance to the tent of meeting and eat it there with the bread from the basket of ordination offerings, as I was commanded: ‘Aaron and his sons are to eat it.’ Leviticus 8:31

Moses did as the Lord commanded him.

This is one phrase you will find repeated over and over in these chapters of Leviticus. What an amazing relationship between God and Moses. Moses knew and understood God. The Lord found Moses reliable and obedient. Would the Lord be able to trust you as He did Moses?

The next task Moses had was to consecrate Aaron and his sons as priests. He was to wash, dress and anoint Aaron and his sons. Then there were sacrifices to offer. And finally, Aaron and his sons had to cook the meat and eat it.

To consecrate is to set apart as holy. As the preparation for this awesome responsibility, Aaron and his sons had to be washed, as a symbol of being cleansed. They then had to be dressed in clothes specifically made for them to make them presentable before the Lord. They were then to be anointed with oil as a symbol of being set apart. All these were done by Moses for them. But finally, Aaron and his sons had to cook and eat the meat in full view of the people, as their symbol of acceptance.

Jesus Christ’s perfect sinless sacrifice paid the price, once and for all. Everyone who believes in Him is saved and made righteous before God. But like Aaron and his sons, each one needs to accept this salvation that is ours for the asking.

Have you accepted Him?

Lord, I choose to accept your gift of salvation today.

Excerpt from At the Potter’s Wheel – Day by Day


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