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Stir Up

Hebrews 10:24-25 – And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.

Discouragement is real, we all experience it. 

To ‘stir up’ is to cause someone to feel a strong emotion and desire to do something. The writer to the Hebrews urges his readers to consider one another to stir up love, agape and good works. Love, unlike faith and hope, can only be practiced in society and needs stimulation. Forsaking fellowship is a sure way to give place to discouragement. Discouragement festers when there is a lack of fellowship and exhortation from other believers. 

Gathering together of God’s people in fellowship is a command. Our motivation for fellowship must be to obey God and to give to others. We gather together to receive from God and to give to God. We gather to bless and encourage each other by our shared faith and values, to work together. As the day of Jesus’ return draws closer, we should be more committed to the fellowship of God’s people. 

Are you discouraged, in need of fellowship? Is there someone who needs your encouragement? 

Lord encourage me to be an encouragement, I pray.

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