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The Ultimate Eye Witness: Every Offering Matters

Read: Numbers 7-8

Numbers 7:2 -Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of families who were the tribal leaders in charge of those who were counted, made offerings.

God values and is interested in each individual’s heart and offering.

One of the longest chapters in the book of Numbers is dedicated to recognising the offering of the tribal leaders. The dedication of the altar extended over a twelve-day period. Each tribal leader presented his gifts on a day set aside for his tribe. The Bible records the gifts each leader brought. And the careful repetition of the nearly identical words in each case makes the point that each one was important to God. God is interested in each individual.

Jesus noticed the offering of two small coins by a widow. Others had much bigger gifts to give. The gift of the widow amounted to much more than all the others’ gifts because she gave her all. God measures our gifts by what we have left rather than by what we give. Nothing misses God’s eye. The Lord never overlooks the very least we do for Him.

The Bible says in Matthew 5:23-24, if we are offering a gift at the altar but are not reconciled with a brother or sister, we are to leave the gift at the altar, first go and be reconciled to them and then offer the gift. Ask God for His grace to make peace before you bring your offerings to the Lord. 


  1. How can we ensure that our offerings to God are not just physical gifts, but also a reflection of our heart and love for Him?
  2. Have you ever felt like your contributions were not noticed or appreciated, and how did that affect your relationship with God?
  3. Is there someone you need to reconcile with before presenting your offerings to God? What steps can you take to ensure that you are living in peace with those around you?

Scripture Writing: 2 Corinthians 9:7

Song: All I Have is Christ

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