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A Life that is Led: A Tale of Faith

Genesis 24:45
Before I finished praying in my heart, Rebekah came out, with her jar on her shoulder…

Eliezer was the oldest of Abraham’s servants (Genesis 15:12) and Abraham trusted him. So Abraham sends him on this very important mission under oath. Eliezer was to find a wife for his son, the result of God’s promise to him, his son Isaac.

Eliezer had clear instructions. Don’t take a wife for Isaac among the Canaanite people. Go to Abraham’s family in Mesopotamia but don’t take Isaac there. If the girl refuses to come back with him, he is released from the oath. Not an easy task by any standards.

Now Eliezer of Damascus was but a servant in Abraham’s household. But interestingly, he displays faith and a close walk with the God of his master Abraham. Abraham’s faith had rubbed off on even his servant.

Two things from this passage reflect Eliezer’s faith.

Eliezer, he prays, he seeks God and His direction (Genesis 24:12-14). He is very clear in his request to the Lord. Show me the girl that you want for my master and I will know it when she does more than I have asked of her, that is a drink of water.

Eliezer goes expecting to accomplish his mission. He goes loaded with gifts for the girl he was to meet, and her family. He goes expecting to succeed, expecting to receive an answer to his prayer, to find the girl. And God honors that faith. He finds Rebekah who goes the extra mile.

Do those who know you also know your God, like Eliezer knew Abraham’s God? Is your heart aligned to sense the Lord’s leading, like Eliezer’s was? Do you move forward expecting the Faithful One to answer your prayer? A life that is led is a prayerful life.

Lord may my life be led by prayer and may those watching be led to You.

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