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‘Why Me Lord?’: Cultivating Trust and Resilience in Every Season

Job 2:10
But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women would speak. Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?

‘Why me Lord?’

We have all asked this question at some point in life. But the question today is when do you ask this question?

When life is tough and painful – ‘why me Lord?’ is a natural response. At times of loss of a job or a loved one, when resources are tight or challenges are overwhelming, when relationships are difficult and life is unbearable, we tend to look to God, questioningly.

But the question is, how often do we ask – ‘why me Lord?’, when a good thing happens? When we are blessed with good health, education, a good home, a family that cares, resources for our needs, a promotion at work, a healthy baby, healing from sickness, do we ask – ‘why me Lord?’, Do we ask, why Lord, did you choose to bless me in this manner when so many around don’t have what I have?

Job recognized and displayed a great understanding of the sovereignty of God. And that knowledge helped him trust his God even in the most difficult of times. He was able to accept the tough challenges in his life as from the Lord, knowing that all he had, the good and the tough, did truly come from the Lord.

When we ask, ‘Why me Lord?’, when challenges come, we display a sense of defiance, a self-righteousness that says I deserve better than this, in essence questioning God, doubting His goodness and faithfulness. While, when we stop to ask – ‘why me Lord?’ when we receive so much good, we reflect a heart of humility and gratitude. It also helps us like Job to face the tough times with trust and confidence in the same sovereign Lord.

Would you choose to develop the habit of ‘Why me Lord?’ that reflects a heart of humility and gratitude in the midst of questions? Trust in the goodness of God as you sing I will praise you in the storm.

Dear Lord, increase in me the habit of asking ‘why me Lord?’ from a heart that grateful for your goodness and blessings.

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