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No Other Way!: Discipleship Through Obedience to Christ’s Word

John 8:31
Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.

A disciple is a learner or one who follows. A Christian disciple accepts and follows Christ and His teaching. A disciple is a student of Jesus. As simple as that. There is no other way!

The Lord here is speaking to those who believe in Him. He says if you will be My disciples, you must abide in Me. There is no other way. A follower of Jesus – the Word made flesh, is to abide, live in, and make your home, in His Word. Those who love Him above all else, and keep His commands (John 14:15) are His disciples.

The word “disciple” is used to refer to the original twelve apostles chosen by Jesus (Luke 6:13) and the larger group of followers who believed in Him (Acts 6:1). Jesus calls on people to “follow me” and become his disciples (Mark 1:17). Disciples are also referred to as “believers” or “the faithful,” indicating that they put their trust in Jesus (John 6:69).

A disciple is humble, obedient, and willing to sacrifice for the gospel’s sake (Luke 14:25-33). A disciple loves Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength and strives to obey Him (Matthew 22:37).

Christian discipleship is a life-long process. Disciples grow in Christ, equipped by the Holy Spirit, who enables us to become more and more like Christ. Believers respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading to examine their thoughts, words, and actions in light of the Bible. This means disciples need to be in the Word daily – studying, praying over it, and responding in obedience. A disciple’s agenda is to abide in His Word and grow in Him, there is no other way.

How we respond to God’s Word, defines us as disciples. Are you a disciple of Christ?

Lord, help me daily abide and respond in obedience to your Word.

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