Abundant Forgiveness, Overflowing Love

Published on Jun 10, 2024
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Read the Bible in One Year: OT Judges 19-21. NT Luke 7:31-50

Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.

Luke 7:47

God is merciful and willing to forgive our sins.

The gospel writer Luke narrates this beautiful account of when a sinful woman anoints Jesus. Driven by her desire to encounter the forgiveness and grace that only He can offer and overwhelmed by her awareness of her own sins, she pours out costly perfume on Jesus’ feet and weeps, using her tears to cleanse them. Her actions and display of great love reflect the profound forgiveness she has experienced. Jesus acknowledges her repentant heart and assures her that her sins are forgiven.

However, Jesus doesn’t stop there. He highlights a crucial truth: the magnitude of forgiveness received correlates with the depth of love expressed in response. Jesus states, “But whoever has been forgiven little loves little” (Luke 7:47). What a reminder and a challenge. It is only when we truly comprehend the extent of our forgiveness, our hearts are transformed. We are filled with gratitude, humility, and a deep sense of awe. Our love for God overflows, radiating into every aspect of our lives. We begin to understand that the forgiveness we have received is not to be hoarded, but to be shared generously with others.

The forgiveness and mercy that God extends to each one of us is immense. Our sins, no matter how numerous or grievous they may be, are not beyond His reach. God’s forgiveness is not a limited resource, but an overflowing wellspring of grace. Just as the woman experienced the immense weight of her sins being lifted through forgiveness, we too can find freedom and restoration in the arms of our loving Heavenly Father.

What is our perception of forgiveness? Do we recognize the gravity of our sins and the enormity of God’s mercy? Or do we underestimate the depth of His forgiveness, causing our love for Him and others to remain shallow? Are we in awe of His abundant forgiveness, causing us to ask – what kind of love is this?

May we embrace the truth of God’s abundant forgiveness and the life-changing power of His mercy and approach Him with open hearts, acknowledging our need for His grace. As we do so, may our love for Him grow exponentially, igniting a flame within us that cannot be contained. Let us extend forgiveness and mercy to others, just as we have received from Him.


  1. Are there any areas of your life where you may be holding onto guilt or shame, failing to fully embrace God’s forgiveness? How can you surrender those burdens to Him and allow His grace to bring healing and freedom?
  2. Consider your attitude towards forgiveness and mercy. Are there areas where you may be withholding forgiveness or struggling to show mercy? How can you align your heart with God’s heart, extending His forgiveness and mercy to those around you?
  3. Take time to pray and ask God to reveal any areas of your life where you need a deeper understanding of His forgiveness and a greater capacity to love. Seek His guidance and empowerment to walk in His forgiveness and extend it to others.?

Scripture Writing: Psalm 86:5

Song: What Kind of Love is this?

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Preethi Alice Jacob

Preethi Jacob is the author of the yearlong devotional At the Potter’s Wheel, Day by Day. Her journey includes teaching a Bible Study Fellowship class, teaching and leading the Sunday School ministry in her church, leading Bible studies, besides counselling young women. She serves on the Global Mission Team of the United Bible Societies and lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and two young adult children.

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