Revealing the Triune God in the Creation Narrative

Published on Feb 5, 2024
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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 NIV

The Triune God was present. 

The Scriptures open with a grand description of God creating the earth and all that is in it. All three persons of the Trinity were present at creation. God the Father created all that was created through His Word, which is the Son (John 1:1 NIV). And God the Spirit was there from the very beginning. (Genesis 1:2 NIV) 

While Earth is but a small part of this vast universe, man is an even more small part of this magnificent creation. David is amazed that the great and awesome God would be mindful of this seemingly insignificant creation called man (Psalm 8:4 NIV). And yet, He is! God breathed His very own breath into him, unlike the rest of creation, viz. the animals, birds, or fish.

This amazing God created each one of us, in His image, with a purpose. You and I are no accident. We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139 NIV). Each of us is God’s masterpiece, lovingly created, unique, intentionally and deliberately planned, specifically gifted and equipped for God-ordained tasks by the Master Craftsman (Ephesians 2:10 NIV). We are divinely created by Him, for Him.

This awesome, indescribable God who created you, promises to be present with you through your life journey, even when we walk through the valley of death (Psalm 23:4 NIV). Would you choose to trust this God as you begin this new year?


Lord, I am amazed that you would choose to create and love me enough to be with me. Help me increasingly be aware of your presence with me.


Preethi Alice Jacob

Preethi Jacob is the author of the yearlong devotional At the Potter’s Wheel, Day by Day. Her journey includes teaching a Bible Study Fellowship class, teaching and leading the Sunday School ministry in her church, leading Bible studies, besides counselling young women. She serves on the Global Mission Team of the United Bible Societies and lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and two young adult children.

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