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Whom Does God Call?

Read: Exodus 1-3

Exodus 3:10 – Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You must lead my people Israel out of Egypt.”

God calls people to fulfill His glorious purposes, regardless of their weakness and imperfection.

Moses who had been saved by divine providence, grew up in Pharaoh’s palace. But he soon had to flee to the wilderness after he murdered an Egyptian. Having spent forty years in the wilderness, God calls to him from a burning bush.

When God, the great I AM called Moses to lead His people out of slavery from their Egyptian masters, his response was protests and excuses. He was not perfect or strong, and list went on. But God assures Moses of the greatest resource he could ever need to fulfill his calling – His presence. God promises to be with him and to instruct him (Exodus 4:12). And rest as we know is history.

God continues to call people, weak and imperfect, to fulfill His divine purposes. And when we respond in obedience we are assured of His presence with us. Do you like Moses feel overwhelmed and inadequate for what God is calling you to do today? Would you ask God to help you say ‘yes Lord’ to Him today, and trust Him to be with you every step of the way?

Scripture Writing: Matthew 28:19-20

People of the Bible: Moses

Name of God: I AM

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