Responding in Faith to Our Faithful God

Published on May 28, 2024
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Read the Bible in One Year:

OT – Joshua 19-21

NT Luke 2:25-52

 Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. – Joshua 21:45

In a world filled with broken promises and unfulfilled expectations, the refreshing reality is that our God is faithful.

The Book of Joshua is a historical account detailing the conquest and settlement in the Promised Land by the Israelites under Joshua’s leadership. After crossing the Jordan River, the Israelites engaged in military campaigns to conquer various territories and drive out the Canaanite inhabitants. In Joshua 21, we find a significant event taking place as the land was divided among the twelve tribes of Israel. The Levites, who were set apart as the priestly tribe and did not receive a specific territory, were allotted cities and pasturelands within the inheritance of the other tribes.

Joshua 21:45 succinctly summarises the whole process – the faithfulness of God in delivering the land to the Israelites and keeping every promise He had made to their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Despite the challenges, battles, and obstacles they faced, God remained true to His Word and ensured that every promise was accomplished. The faithfulness of God in fulfilling His promises in the allocation of the land provided the Israelites with a solid foundation for their continued trust and obedience to God.

This is a powerful reminder not only to the Israelites but also to us today – God is faithful in keeping His promises. It encourages us to trust in God’s faithfulness and rely on His Word as we navigate our journeys of faith and obedience. God is faithful. He does not lie or change His mind (Numbers 23:19). Every promise of God is Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20). His Word that goes out from His mouth will not return void but will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent (Isaiah 55:11).

As we reflect on God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His promises, may we respond with unwavering trust. Let us eagerly seek to understand His will through His Word and prayer, and then walk in obedience to His promises, making us active participants in the fulfillment of His purposes on earth.

May our faith in our faithful God be evident not just in our words, but in our actions, attitudes, and choices, demonstrating to the world that we serve a faithful God who always fulfills His promises. May our lives reflect His faithfulness as we proclaim “Amen” to His promises as we live each day in a way that brings glory to His name.

How can you respond to God’s faithfulness by demonstrating unwavering trust in Him? In what areas of your life do you struggle to trust God’s faithfulness? Are there areas of your life where you have been relying on your own strength and understanding instead of trusting in God’s faithfulness?


Thank you, Lord, that you are indeed the Faithful One, so unchanging. Help me live each day proclaiming this powerful truth, amen.

Scripture Writing: Isaiah 55:11

Song: Faithful One

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Preethi Alice Jacob

Preethi Jacob is the author of the yearlong devotional At the Potter’s Wheel, Day by Day. Her journey includes teaching a Bible Study Fellowship class, teaching and leading the Sunday School ministry in her church, leading Bible studies, besides counselling young women. She serves on the Global Mission Team of the United Bible Societies and lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and two young adult children.

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